• "Shani Deva is Father of Lord Shiva"
  • "Shani Deva is the God of Justice"
  • "After the end of Kaliyuga, Lord Shani will be supreme God."

Welcome to Sunny - The Fourth Generation Religion

The main book of this Religion is God will Make You Successful in Life, This helps you to attain success and go to heaven.

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The other books by our Organization "Shani Sanatan Dharma" are:

1. The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Starters and Beginners

2. Kalkie and the paranormals of the third world war

3. Top 20 Ways of Profitable Online Income

4. Life Lessons from Jesus Reborn -A compilation of great articles by Jesus Reborn

5. The Darkest Hour is Just Before Day Break -A Poetry from Heart and Soul

6. How to do Viral Marketing -The steps in making Business and Website Viral: The elements of viral marketing

7. Kartik Kishan Kanhaiya and Ganrau's Ultimate Cook Book on Vegetarian Recipes: A cool collection of 16 mouth watering recipes

8. Kanhaiya and Ganesh Ultimate Cook Book on Non Vegetarian Recipes: An ultimate collection of 12 spicy and mouth-watering recipes

9. How to crack IITJEE Mains and Advanced in 6 Months. 1 Year, 2 Year -with or without coaching

10. The Utimate Guide to Search Engine Optimization -The Bible of SEO

11. How to do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Monetization of YouTube Videos

12. The Complete Guide to Internet Marketing for Marketing Professionals

13. Police Diary -Encounters of Inspector General of Police Kartik Sharma

14. How to get a Girlfriend in 15 Dollars -The Ultimate Love Guru Book

15. The Complete Guide To Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Starters and Beginners

16. The ultimate paid to click (PTC) guide, how to make money using Neobux, Clixsense and other PTC sites

17. Miracles from Heaven - The proof of existence of God

18. How to treat a Bitch -A Girl who Ditch

19. The Fear of Flying -Why One Should not Take Airplane

20. Another Earth -Total Destruction through String of Guitars

21. Changing the Game of Chess - The new Rules of Corporate Wars

22. How to do Perfect Murder -The Art of Killing

23. Rules of Shanit -The Divine Rules for Followers of Shani Sanatan Dharma

24. Funny and Puny Corporate Logos and Dynamic Management Principles

25. Aishwarya was Innocent -Love always Pays

26. From Startup to IPO -How to Launch a Successful Company

27. Cassius -The Serial Killer

28. How to be perfect employer and yes perfect employee

29. The Thumb Rules of Ideation and Project Management

30. The Rules of Shanit -The Divine Rules of Shani-Sanatan Dharma

31. How to make healthy living -The first $1 Million in Five Years

32. How to lead a Happy Life

33. Analysis of Good Girls Traits

34. Sweet Child of Mine: The Regime Training

35. Life Beyond Celebrity or Movie Star

36. Marriage is about Compromise -To care and to protect

37. Struggles of an Entrepreneur and Struggles of Being Unemployed

38. How to Hire a Perfect Employee -The Rule Book for Hiring, Training and Retaining

39. Life Hacks and Principles of Motivation

40. How to lose weight -Fast and Furious

41. How to win democratic Elections

42. Learning from Mistakes - A good habit to be Successful in Life

43. Moving Towards Cashless Economy

44. The Rock Solid Principles of Marketing

45. The Psychology Behind Online and Digital Scams

46. Queen's Second Love

47. How to turn away your Hungry Customers

48. How to earn money from Bitcoins from Internet

49. Marketing Gimmicks -The unorthodox ways of marketing

50. How do girls trap and ruin life of Guys

51. SWOT Analysis of a Person

52. The Blueprint to revive Indian Economy

53. Life Hack for Kids

54. Things That Turns a Guy Off